small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day


on March 19, 2014


It has been 180 days since Dad passed away.

180 days where I

wanted to call and talk to him,

visit him,

share life with him,

but couldn’t.

It seems that in those 180 days my life has done a complete 180, and I bet many of you have felt that way too.

So many tears, so much sadness and emptiness.

This ‘new normal’ isn’t as fun as my old one.

But today as we sit on six months without Dad, I’m mostly thinking positively.

So many memories, smiles and laughs. Things I am thankful for, and will be forever.

As a way to help my family and others grieve, we have set up a memorial website where you can contribute pictures and tell stories and memories you have of Dad to share with us and others.

Please visit the site and add something, when you can.

Grieving is something we all need to do together.

P.S. Please send some thoughts and prayers to the family of Carly Gassman. Dad and Carly met while doing radiation treatments and were great inspiration to each other as they fought through their cancer journey. Carly passed away last Friday and our hearts hurt to lose another friend to brain cancer.


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