small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day


on May 28, 2014

today’s small thing: my homeroom students graduate


I had one homeroom class at the school I taught for in South bend. They were the first kids I saw in the morning and the last ones I saw before going home. They were my guinea pigs, my guides at a new school, and testers of my patience. They also were a group of smart alecs, jokesters, and many matched my sarcasm. 

I fell in love with them. 

Tonight I saw them graduate from 8th grade. I hadn’t seen many of them since I left teaching two years ago. Most of the boys were two feet taller and had voices an octave deeper. It was so fun talking to them about their plans for high school and learning of their favorite memories of being in my classroom. (Most included doing things when I wasn’t looking.)

A few even wanted to take a picture with me. And some others mentioned how they were reminded of me over the past year. How sweet. 

I am so thankful I was able to be a part of their lives, even just for a school year. It also makes me grateful for the other four years of students in Kansas I was able to know and love. One of the hard parts about being a teacher is that you rarely get to see what the kids end up doing with their lives. I hope I will get to see those kids again, but after tonight I will find joy in knowing they loved me too. 

This teaching job doesn’t end. It changes and grows. I’ve found that even though I really miss being in the classroom and feeling that I am fulfilling my calling, I’m still teaching. And I will always be teaching. 


You can’t take the teaching out of the teacher, I guess.

And tonight reminded me of that. 



2 responses to “homeroom

  1. Grandma says:

    That is what makes you a great Mom too!!!


  2. lisa Osborn says:

    Sure you are the most important teacher now.. teaching that little bundle of he may not only get to heaven but become a saint! Praise be to God for this job at times is not all glory or rewarding but so important. Let us give praise to our God for calling us worthy of this job and may we never take it too lightly.. I am praying you are well my friend.. your faith has always inspired me especially that summer we worked together. In my suffering you called me to greatness and I am most sure you will do the same with your son. I love you.. Christ peace


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