small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day


on June 6, 2014

today’s small thing: dancin’ a jig in the park

Today was the start of Friday outdoor concerts in the city during the lunch hour. I decided to pack lunch and take little George along with me. It was a beautiful day, perfect for spending time outside and listening to good music.

The band was my favorite local group, Kennedy’s Kitchen. My husband and I have many fond memories of going to the local Irish pub and hearing these guys play incredible traditional Irish tunes. We remember each time we brought our families to hear them, and the many great sing alongs.

I wanted George to experience that.

We arrived and they had started their first song. A beautiful a capella song that brings chills every time I hear it. You see, whenever I hear Kennedy’s Kitchen now, I think of Dad. The first time we went to the pub and heard them play. The Christmas Eve when we listened to their CD and had a small dance party while he sat in his chair pretending not to laugh. I started to tear up during the first song today, wishing there was going to be another time for Dad to go to the pub and listen to them with me.

That moment passed when the next song began and George began to dance. He was stomping, spinning, and doing some creative arm movements. I decided to join him and we had a great time dancing around and laughing. I know the people around me were watching us, but I didn’t really care what I looked like.

I was dancing. In the park. With my son.

And it was a piece of joy I needed today.


Here is the song I was talking about. So beautiful.



One response to “jig

  1. Grandma says:

    Keep having fun with George it will give you lots,of good memories when he grows up, all too,soon!!!


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