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on July 7, 2014

a small thing from the weekend: twilight

On Friday evening I went on a walk on campus with my two friends who were visiting from KC. We were wandering around campus until it got dark enough to see fireworks. As we sauntered along we decided to visit the grotto.

You all probably know that the grotto holds a special place in my heart and a strong connection between me and my dad. This visit was a perfect idea since the day had been emotional since last year Dad was in South Bend and I needed some sense of peace.

We arrived at the sacred space and immediately I noticed the soft glow of the lit candles and the slowly darkening sky. It was a beautiful sight.


After lighting candles the three of us kneeled before the grotto and said our silent prayers. My tears fell and made a pool in the lenses of my glasses.

As I was praying I was moved to connect with Our Lady of Sorrows, which refers to the parts of Mary’s life where she experienced deep sorrow and grief. I felt Dad’s presence in that moment, almost like he was giving me some kind of spiritual nudge.

I stepped back from the kneeler and just gazed at Mary, asking her to help me understand my sadness and how to cope. Then my two friends came to me and hugged me from both sides. We stood there for a moment, all breathing the same air, and just being with each other.

That was a beautiful moment. And so symbolic. Their hug was not only from them, but a hug from Dad and Mama Mary. A physical representation of the spiritual connection that is never severed by death.

I was given a gift in the twilight.




One response to “twilight

  1. Keithy says:

    Hugs. That was so special. How wonderful to have great friends to be there with you in that moment.


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