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community two

on July 25, 2014

A year ago today my family was embraced by our community in a wonderful way. We were given a send-off concert on our front lawn by members of our high school marching band, two days before we headed on our trip to the Grand Canyon.


I wrote a post about it last year which you can read here. To this day it is the most viewed post on my blog.

As I think back to that day, all I can do is smile. The effort put in by the band to come to our house, the organization of our family friends to make everything run smoothly. The generosity of those who made our trip to the Grand Canyon possible. Dad’s reaction when he saw the band and his yell “DO IT!” which reminded us of Dad before he got sick. I remember feeling like my heart was overflowing and not wanting that moment to end.

That is community. That is love.

We really can’t do everything on our own.

I am thankful for that community who gave us hope when all seemed lost. Who gave us smiles when we didn’t think we could. Who did things for us which to them seemed like nothing, but to us it was everything.

Letting people into the mess of Dad’s cancer journey was not easy. It is hard to be vulnerable and let people know about sad, difficult things in life. But once we realized we need help, people responded and actually wanted to be there for us. What a humbling experience.

And even now as we approach a year since Dad’s passing, the community hasn’t left.

I only hope I will be able to respond with that kind of love and compassion when people in my community need it. Because that love and compassion is something I know my family will never ever forget.

Here’s to community and what it means to be part of something greater than yourself.


One response to “community two

  1. Kathy Flentie says:

    As always, Kari…your writing is so eloquent and thought-provoking! Thank you for sharing and for allowing us to be a part of your lives. Your family had been there for others throughout the years…we are all in this with one another. As Pastor Aaron states every Sunday, “Indeed, we are all better together!” AMEN


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