small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day


on August 9, 2014

today’s small thing: watching old videos

George wanted to watch videos of himself this morning, and after watching the same one over and over again I decided to go to my you tube channel and play some old videos for him.

I came across a video called “baby flop” where my family was watching George start to stand on his own. We were in awe of his accomplishments and then surprised what happened next.

Hilarious! I still laugh out loud when I watch it. Every. Time.

I also love how this was filmed in June of last year, when Dad hadn’t truly started deteriorating yet, and he was the one who thought to video the moment. I always smile thinking back to when we realized that Dad caught it on video, we were so surprised and so thankful.

I’m really glad we shared that moment together, and especially the laughs!!

Have a great Saturday, everyone. Make some memories today!


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