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on August 19, 2014

I’m feeling reflective tonight. Here are some things I’m pondering.

  • “God is not in the event. He is in the response to the event. In the love that is shown and the care that is given.”
  • “We go on living until we’re alive again”

            –Both quotes from Sister Julienne from the TV series Call The Midwife.

  • “There was suffering and no cure so God said ‘Come be with Me'”
  • “I do believe when people die their goodness, the good things they’ve done, they melt into your likeness and you become a better person for it.” –Billy Joe Shaver
  • “For it is when we are where we don’t want to be that we often meet God.” –Saint Peter
  • “God does not give us our trials, but the tools to face them.” –Priest during his homily on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows
  • Why do we pray?
    • build relationship with God
    • It is in the silence that God speaks to us
    • listening to the voice of God in order to better follow His will for our ultimate good
    • petition is awareness of our relationship with God and turning back to Him with hope
  • Why do we pray for others?
    • heart attuned to God’s mercy
    • expression of the communion of saints, all part of the Body of Christ
  • “The seed sewn in our hearts has sufficient strength to germinate, to grow, and bear fruit. First, however, we have to enable it to reach our heart. We have to make room for it within us, to accept it and not push it to one side.” In Conversation With God

Please share in the comments any words you’ve been pondering lately. I’d appreciate it! (And I’m sure the readers would too!)


One response to “ponder

  1. Keithy says:

    “For it is when we are where we don’t want to be that we often meet God.” I’m going to keep this close.


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