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on August 21, 2014

A small thing from today: a lesson from the grocery store greeter

I was on my way out of the grocery store after a much needed shopping trip when the greeter noticed my Royals t-shirt.

“Is that a Royals shirt? The Kansas City Royals?”

We then engaged in a conversation that revealed his immense respect for George Brett. He talked about his loyalty to the game of baseball, explained how he learned how to hit well, talked about how Brett’s brother was a terrible pitcher, and how he just loved to watch him play.

He then told me his favorite story about George Brett. Before playing his last game Brett was interviewed and asked what he would like his last at bat to be like. He responded,

“I want to hit a routine grounder to second and run all out to first base, then get thrown out by a half step. I want to leave an example to the young guys that that’s how you play the game: ALL OUT.”

He explained that he loved that attitude, that no matter what is going on, you give it your all. Brett ended up getting a single, which was more than he asked for. 

At that moment I looked at him and told him thank you so much for telling me that story. I then mentioned that Dad was a huge Royals fan and had passed away recently. He reached over and touched my arm, and continued praising Brett. I somehow peeled away, I feel he would have kept me there all night!

Hearing that story made me think directly to Dad’s attitude during his ‘last at bat’. He fought so hard through two brain surgeries, chemo treatments, radiation, pills, nausea, loss of mobility, loss of appetite, etc. And he did it with so much grace. He always chose to keep fighting, and to do it with all he had. 

And I’m pretty sure Dad would have said, “I want to leave an example to the young guys that that’s how you live life: ALL OUT.”



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