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when the rain comes

on August 29, 2014

today’s small thing: watching it rain

Today as I stared out my window, watching it rain, I was whisked back in time to sitting in the garage of my parents’ house with my dad. 

Sometimes Dad would go out to the garage, set up a chair, and just sit there and watch the rain fall. I remember a few times when I joined him. I wasn’t very comfortable with the silence in those moments, but I do remember was how special I felt to be sitting there watching it rain together. 

Gazing outside today I noticed the puddles forming. The high splashes of the raindrops hitting the ground. The calming chorus of drop after drop landing one right after another. 

It is mesmerizing.

I would love to sit in that garage again with Dad. I would soak up the silence. I would embrace the moment. 

Thinking about that a little more, I actually did soak up the silence and embrace the moment, because the memory is something that has stayed with me. 

Now whenever I’m watching the rain, Dad is watching it with me, even if we’re not in the same garage. 



3 responses to “when the rain comes

  1. Keithy says:

    Lovely as always. When the Rose’s brought back the hiking backpacks they borrowed, we asked it it rained while they were on their high adventure. They said, “No it didn’t, we thought Kevin wasn’t with us…but we talked about him every day and then we remembered he was with us because we were carrying HIS backpack.”


  2. Keithy says:

    P.S. The last line it poetry.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Lovely. Love you all, Grandma Kennedy


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