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blue october

on October 1, 2014

a small thing from this morning: encouraging words from a toddler

Last night I went to bed thinking the KC Royals would lose the Wild Card game. This morning I woke up to a Facebook feed full of “wow” and “best game ever” from all my KC friends.

For a moment I was so excited. Then I got really sad.

Why was I sad about the team I’ve been cheering for since birth won a big game?

I was wrestling with this on the drive to take my husband to work. We were talking about the game and I just broke down.

“I wish I could be in KC and go to a Royals game now that they’re playing well. And I really wish Dad could go to the games too. He had been waiting since 1985 for this. I just want to call him and talk about baseball.”

All I can picture is Dad sitting in his recliner watching almost every Royals game since I can remember. I really wish he could have been there to see the game last night.

“Yeah, but he has the best seats in the house!”

“I guess so. But sometimes that is hard to believe.”

I start to cry, and from the backseat I hear, “OK, Mommy.”

“Thank you, George. I just miss Papa.”

“Papa go?”

“He’s in Heaven.”

“Papa at church.”

“Yes George. Papa’s at Church. That’s so sweet.”

Wise words from both my husband and son. They’re right. Dad has the best seats, and he meets us when we go to church. I have some wonderful men in my life!

Dad is just as excited watching from Heaven, the baseball stadium in the sky, as he would in the royals

We’re going into Blue October together.

fam royals


2 responses to “blue october

  1. Keithy says:

    Love Love Love…That was what was missing last night while watching the game. I would have loved to see Dad’s little “I’m so excited but trying to hide it” smirk.


  2. […] OCTOBER. This post and this one will explain all that went on in my mind and heart during the Royals’ quest for […]


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