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christmas concert

on December 13, 2014

Today’s small thing: the Notre Dame glee club concert

I’m fairly certain I’ve blogged about this concert almost every year. It’s that good.

The glee club sings a variety of pieces dating back to the 16th century all the way to contemporary times aka a Frozen medley.

I have a fascination with the origins of Christmas songs and also with choral arrangements, so this is the perfect night for me.

Each year they seem to do mostly the same songs and I love hearing the familiar favorites year after year, but this year there was a new one that really spoke to me.

It’s called Lux aurumque and the meaning of the song along with the beautiful sound is striking.


Warm and heavy as pure gold

and the angels sing softly

to the new-born babe”

Simple and profound.

Just the way I like it.

Here is a video of the composer directing a ‘virtual choir’ singing the song. Enjoy.


One response to “christmas concert

  1. Emily says:

    I sang this song with my college choir. It is one of my favorites out of everything we sang! 🙂


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