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Orphan Easter

on April 8, 2015

a small thing from Sunday: Orphan Easter

Living six hundred miles from family is hard. It is even more difficult on holidays when we can’t be with family. In the past five years we have had a few holidays being ‘orphans’ looking for people to call family, who we can celebrate those holidays with.

On Sunday we were able to celebrate Easter with some friends who also don’t have family close. We all made food that would have been at our family dinners and made it feel like family. It was so wonderful.


Our kids played together like cousins might, and we enjoyed lots of carefree timelessness chatting and playing games.


Of course I missed my family back in Kansas, but I’ve realized what a blessing it is to know that no matter where I am, close to family or not, there is still reason to celebrate. There is still reason and need to have the togetherness that is family.

So we came together as orphans to feel less alone.


To love each other good and bad.


As our own little Indiana family.


May the joy of Easter bring you many smiles, laughs, and fun!


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