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happy birthday mom

on November 5, 2015

Happy birthday to a mom who truly does everything. 

Actions speak louder than words, and your actions are thunderous.

When someone needs your help, ‘no’ is not in your vocabulary.

You decorated for high school events, even when your children weren’t attending.

When your daughter has pregnancy cravings, you send her money for Chipotle.

No Halloween costume is too crazy or too difficult for your master seamstress skills (Mrs. Potts).

You have a playroom built in your basement for your grandson. The whole half of the basement.

Gifts are given not because it is simply a holiday, but anytime you are thinking of a person you love.

When I told you I loved dolphins, you bought every dolphin you saw. And when I loved Coca-cola, and stars…

Cookies are present always. And Oreo goodness. And BBQ meatballs.

You taught me to be thankful, and the word ‘frequently’, while writing thank you notes.

Doing for others always came before yourself.

It might feel that you gave up your career for your children, but you made us your career, and you were/are damn good at it.

Your courage and unconditional love while taking care of Dad is one of the most precious gifts you have given us. You showed us what loving through sickness looks like. You showed us what it truly means to love Christ and love like Him, and it was beautiful.

I hope I can love like that.

Happy birthday, to the mom who truly does everything. And more.

I love you.



2 responses to “happy birthday mom

  1. Keith says:

    Yay MOM!


  2. Kathy Flentie says:

    Yes indeedy, Kari! Your mom is one in a million. She always thinks of others whether it is a birthday or holiday or not. I treasure her friendship. I am so lucky that she has picked me to be her friend. Plus, you kids and George are the absolute icing on the cake! Nancy shares your joys and accomplishments …. I am so truly blessed to call her my friend! You are so right, all three of you (and Kevin,) were her career! What a testimony each one of you is to her hard work and dedication to “parenting the right way.” Love you all.


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