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pieces of joy in each day


on August 19, 2016

A few weeks ago we attended a funeral of another family member.

On our long drive home we were commenting on the cloud formations. I called some of them ‘Toy Story’ clouds–if you have seen the movie I think you know what I mean.

G chimed in and said,”Which cloud do you think is holding Uncle L, Mema, Jesus and Mary?”

I was stunned.

After taking a breath and holding back tears, we responded by pointing and saying “I think that one.”

I am amazed at the understanding my little man has, and the beautiful way he sees things. He has lost a Grandfather, Great-grandfather, Grandmother, and Great Uncle in his short 3.5 years of life. He has been to more funerals at his age than I had attended through my teenage years.

And yet he says beautiful, perfect things that make me believe even more that our deceased loved ones are with us, holding us, and teaching us in ways we only need look for to see.

Especially in the clouds.



One response to “clouds

  1. Keith Kennedy says:

    Such a sweet and powerful story!


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