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on October 25, 2016

After dropping G off at preschool, I decided to take a trip to the Dunkin’ drive thru to get some fuel to combat the fragmented sleep of the night before, and head over to visit the cemetery.

I haven’t been many times, but lately I’ve been feeling this undeniable pull to go visit more often. The cemetery is close to my house and many of the places I frequent, so I think I’ve become more aware of the possibility of just dropping by more often.

After arriving at the familiar spot I grabbed a blanket and M and spread out right at Dad’s headstone. After gazing at the text and his photo, I shared with M what her Papa was like, and talked with Dad about all the great things M has already accomplished in her short 5 months of life.

Between my talking and pulling M away from the grass she had newly discovered, I happened to glance at the headstone to see a glistening blue dragonfly perched underneath the dash between Dad’s birthday and memorial day. At first I simply thought it was neat to see a dragonfly, but then of course I needed to do more research to see if dragonflies were symbolic…and I quickly found out…they are!

They have been an important symbol in many cultures, and symbolize change, transformation, resurrection, maturity, living in the present, etc.

What a beautiful message to receive!

My research led me to this poem, which I found as a simple way to describe the mystery of life and death.


Sending some positive thoughts and prayers to all of you reading who are missing someone today and every day. May you be open to your message from them when it comes!


One response to “dragonfly

  1. Keith Kennedy says:

    That is such a great story!


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