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on August 9, 2018

Today is Lady Edith’s name day! It’s her namesake’s feast day and I wanted to share a little more about how she got her name.  

St. Edith Stein wouldn’t leave me alone for the year prior to having our third baby. I found her quotes all over and I read about her in the book My Sisters the Saints. Her story of growing up Jewish, studying and writing about philosophy, converting to Catholicism, becoming a nun and then a martyr in a concentration camp is fascinating and inspiring. Her words speak to the value of women and the realness of life in faith. 

I felt called to name our baby after her but I didn’t love it at first. The night I went into labor I was reading about her again, and when I entered the birthing center I saw the name in huge letters above me. Part of the center was donated by an Edith. So then I was convinced. It literally was a sign! 

After welcoming our baby into the world my brother did some quick research which revealed that St. Edith is a patron of loss of parents. Did I mention my baby was born on the exact day I lost my dad four years prior? 


She wouldn’t leave me alone. 


So today we celebrate our Edith in hopes she will grow up to know her value as a woman with encouragement from St. Edith. 

3 responses to “edith

  1. Keith says:

    Happy Feast Day!


  2. Grandma Kennedy says:

    She will grow up to appreciate all the thought you put into choosing her name!


  3. Kathy says:

    With all those signs you paid attention to, now Edith will benefit from her name legacy for life! It was meant to be! Hard to believe this past 11 months has flown by so quickly.


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