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living legacy

on August 31, 2018

I watched on TV this morning Senator John McCain’s casket being walked up the steps to the US capital. Only pouring rain as the background sound. And I was deeply saddened.

This country is experiencing a profound loss in a man with such strong character and loyalty to our country that was so unique.

I relate to the loss because the same cancer that took him took both my dad and grandfather. It’s a monster that takes down even the bravest and strongest of people. It slowly strips them away but so quickly at the same time. It’s painful to think about.

I saw Joe Biden’s eulogy posted on one of my favorite Facebook pages, One Fit Widow, and I had to watch. I have a slight Leslie Knope (from the TV show Parks and Rec) type love of Joe Biden. The way he has spoken about grief in interviews and in his past book have really resonated with me, and his eulogy was much the same.

The whole thing is worth watching and contains so much love and wisdom. But the words that spoke to my soul came at the end when he was talking to McCain’s children.

“You may not have had your dad as long as you would have liked, but you got from him everything you need to pursue your own dreams, to follow the course of your own spirit. You are a living legacy of John McCain’s success.”

If I put my dad’s name in there instead of the senator’s, I’m pretty sure Joe was talking to me.

Thank you Mr. Biden for sharing your love and wisdom in this time of grief and reminding me of what still is.

Dad still lives. Through my mom. Through my brothers. Through my kids.

Through me.

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