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My Grief Journey


Me with my dad, his parents, and my little George

Me with my dad, his parents, and my little George

On September 19, 2013 I said goodbye to my dad as he passed from this life into the next. There began my journey of mourning the loss of my father and working through the long process of grieving.

Then on February 13th my grandfather, Dad’s dad, passed away. Both had brain cancer, Glioblastoma Multiforme. Dad lived 10 months after diagnosis, Grandpa lived 14 months. It has been a trying two years for my family.

In addition to talking to grief counselors and reading about grief I’ve taken to my blog to help me process my feelings, and also to maybe help others who might be hurting from loss as well.

This page has all my posts about my grief journey since Dad passed away. I have categorized them with holistic grief care in mind, so you can pick an area of your life which needs most encouragement. Please read them and also leave your own thoughts in the comments. Grief is easier together.

“Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” –Matthew 5:4


Perfect Words – My first post on grieving and a book suggestion

Compassion – The importance of self-compassion

let go – 20 things to let go of in the New Year

Counsel – my decision to see a grief counselor

Happiness – 50 life lessons about fostering happiness

Ponder – some words to ponder about grief and prayer

Ponder no. 2 -some words to ponder about hope

Ponder no. 3– some words to ponder about embracing suffering

Blessed are they who mourn– on letting sadness out



Mission Possible – fulfilling one of Dad’s wishes for Mom

Presence – how the presence of loved ones at Dad’s funeral impacted me

A Challenge – I challenged readers to write letters to people they love

scrub – pampering as a stress release

Crazyland – grief makes you crazy

Meltdown – my public meltdown at the eye doctor’s office

Self-Care – a few ways to care for yourself, especially when going through a tough time

Support with Action– what I learned about supporting people through difficult times



Beautiful Liturgy – my church’s Mass of Remembrance

Advent – preparation for Christmas without Dad

Let the Lord Enter – talking to God when upset

Obligation – on doing things because you have to, not because you want to

Comfort – my trip to the Smoky Mountains and how the words on the gravestones spoke comfort

Commencement – how God spoke to us on Jonathan’s Graduation weekend

Twilight – a moment of comfort from God through a few special friends

Our Lady of Sorrows – identifying with Mary through loss

Definitions – going back to basics on faith, courage, dignity, etc.

Lord, Please Take Care of Them – when the stresses of taking care of yourself and others is too hard



Tears Stream – tears and music

Letter – writing letters to Dad

Two Thousand Thirteen – reflecting on the past year and what a new year without Dad would be

Below My Feet – reflection on death, and Mumford and Sons

Published – my first poem about grief is published!

The Dash – A poem about living the dash between your birth and death

Grey Grief – words on grief from Grey’s Anatomy

Can’t Sleep – finding comforting words on a sleepless night

Lost – on feeling lost, and listening to Michael Buble

Brokenhearted – on dealing with a broken heart, and Al Green

Voice to Sorrow – writing about my emotions as part of healing



Birth Day – how I remembered Dad on his birthday

180 – we set up a memorial site for Dad on the six month anniversary

Dad’s Day – how I remembered Dad on Father’s Day

Sulking– how I remembered Dad on Father’s Day year two

Memorial – how my family remembered Dad on the one year anniversary of his death

Donuts with Dad– how my family remembered Dad on the two year anniversary of his death

Words of Remembrance– What I would have said at Dad’s funeral

Dad Memories

Scout Sunday – how my dad’s involvement in Boy Scouts influenced me

Looking Back – the beginning of looking back to Dad’s decline

Community Two – remembering the love of our community through Dad’s illness

Majestic – remembering our Bucket List trip to the Grand Canyon

Laughs – watching a video Dad recorded without us knowing!

All Out – a conversation with a store greeter about the Royals and Dad

When the Rain Comes – remembering watching the rain with Dad

Blue October – my toddler’s comforting words about Dad

Let’s be Royal – how Dad’s love of the Royals shaped me














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  1. […] insights into coping skills, self-care, and overall better mental well-being. I also put together a new page that contains all my posts about my grief journey in hopes my writings may help […]


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