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Yesterday’s/Today’s small thing: Royals won game 1. 


We’re here again, ladies and gentlemen. The World Series. I believed it would happen, did you? The magic hasn’t left the boys in blue and it is casting a spell on me.

Yesterday I was a little bummed knowing I was missing out on being in KC during such an exciting time. Why do they have to be in the Series when I don’t live in KC? It’s rough being one of the few Royals fans in South Bend! So after my little pity party I decided to see if there were any baseball fans who would be willing to watch the game with me. If I couldn’t be in KC, I at least wanted to share the excitement with someone. I really enjoyed talking strategy, cheering, and yelling at the TV with others…and laughing at the Fox broadcast mishaps. Jonathan loves watching me move from the couch to the floor and back again while yelling, screaming, and telling the team what to do. I just can’t help it!

This time around has proven to me how much I really enjoy watching baseball, and playing even more. I appreciate the things my coaches taught me about teamwork, discipline, and determination. I feel like each time a big play happens, it is a little message from Dad reminding me of all the lessons he taught me during my softball days. It makes me smile knowing I had those opportunities to learn from him. That his love for baseball is continuing to flow through me.

So as I continue to lose sleep and my blood pressure fluctuates, I have to remember there is more to this World Series than just being in KC during this time. Watching this team play is a way for me to connect with Dad and let my loyalty to the Royals of 31 years shine on.

Please read my post from last year about why the Royals mean so much to me: let’s be royal

Why do YOU love the Royals? (Or your favorite team, if for some crazy reason the Royals aren’t yours!)

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