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Today’s small thing: an encouraging note from my doctor

Posts have been few and far between on this blog in the past few months. I’ve been uninspired, tired, full of self pity, sadness, so I didn’t feel like putting all that ugly out in the blogosphere. Today, however, feels very different!

Since November I have been seeing a wellness coach and nutritionist. This was inspired by less than desirable numbers at my insurance screening check-up. I was at the heaviest I’d ever been and completely lost. The nurse suggested seeing the wellness coach. Knowing I needed help–especially with where I was mentally–I obliged.

My goals when seeing these lovely ladies have been simple but challenging. I started with eating three servings of veggies a day, drinking more water, and moving more.

I was completely overwhelmed. So I started by adding just one serving of veggies, which became two, than three, and so on each week as I checked in with my coach. I drank a little more water than the previous week, and just set out to do some kind of movement each day, setting appointments for workouts in my calendar (which sometimes get ignored!).

My nutritionist taught me her ‘ABCs’ which is be Active, Breathe and appreciate, Calories. She said moving, controlling stress, leaving a little room at meals, and sleep are the key ways to live a healthy life. Not to diet, but to make small lifestyle changes that are sustainable for the long run.

Now that I’m 9 months in to these lifestyle changes I feel like a different person. I’m eating less bad things and more good, I’m conscious of how much I move each day, and I’m more compassionate to myself and (a little) less stressed. And the biggest reward of all of this?

I’m 25 pounds lighter.

And that is worth the long wait, the small steps, the big sacrifices. And I truly feel like I will be able to keep it off.

And my doctor, wellness coach, and nutritionist sent a note to congratulate me.

It’s a good day.


What is one small thing you can do today to make you closer to your goals?