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Yesterday’s small thing: pumpkin carving

I get so much joy out of celebrating holidays. I think it is because I love soaking in what makes each holiday special, and celebrating it!

Sunday was our pumpkin carving day. The last few years (except for last, thanks to George!) we have made it a tradition to gather friends together to carve pumpkins. Most of those friends are engineers, and they come up with some of the best ideas, and this year was no exception.

I made sure to have as many ‘fall’ foods as possible. Carmel apples, hot spiced apple cider, pumpkin cookies…and our friends added to the list with apple pie bars and cake pop eyeballs! 


I made a Halloween playlist on iTunes–some of the songs I had to stretch to meet the theme, but it was still good.

We had lots of carving tools collected from a few years of carving and we got to work. I forgot how difficult carving can be, and some of us had more trouble than we bargained for!







The kiddos did a good job of entertaining themselves…for the most part.


Because it was the middle of the day we decided to set all the finished products in the bathroom for a fun indoor display. We took turns viewing the lit pumpkins and taking photos. 


A snowman, frightened face, ghosts, ‘treat yo self’, dragon, ‘breaking bad’ and ‘enzo matrix’, oh my!

I’d say we did a great job!

I tried to get George in on the fun by letting him draw on the pumpkin with markers, but all he wanted to do was drag it around, so he did. 


Maybe next year!

What is/will be carved in your pumpkin this year?

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