small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day


Today’s small thing: cloudless snow




This morning was beautiful.

George and I spent the morning at Starbucks with my friend and enjoyed a crumbly but delicious blueberry muffin and my guilty indulgence, white chocolate mocha.

And as we sat we watched perfect snowflakes softly falling to the ground.

We returned home and let George roam around the snow for a while. I think he is really getting used to playing with snow everyday that he will be shocked when it all melts.

My eyes wandered upward to the sky because I could see the sun peeking out. Sure enough the sky was bright blue, no clouds to be seen.

Wait. Then how was it snowing?

I looked and looked and all I saw was tiny flakes falling from what seemed to be a blue void. How is that possible?

Thinking more and more about it, I looked again and I could faintly see a veil of clouds. Wow.

I couldn’t see the source of the snow until I truly searched for it.


How does this apply to your life right now?

I am sad to say that my family has suffered another loss. My grandfather, my dad’s dad, passed away on Thursday, only 21 weeks after Dad from the same brain cancer. As you can imagine this has been a tough time for our family. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and comfort us as we continue this journey of grief.

May we be able to see the Source and that He is good.

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