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A small thing from last Saturday: a saint’s relic


One thing I love about being Catholic is the communion of saints. I love having so many amazing men and women in Heaven that I can ask to pray for me and my family. It is even more comforting to know that each of those people have an amazing connection with Jesus that can only help in storming Heaven with our needs.

Saint Peregrine has been our main man during this cancer journey. He is the patron saint of cancer patients so we know he understands our need for prayers.

My aunt was fortunate enough to borrow a relic of Saint Peregrine and some oil. A relic is a piece of the body of a saint. I know, it sounds pretty gruesome, but it is pretty amazing how just having something physical from the holy person can make their spiritual presence much more tangible. 

So last Saturday we had most of my dad’s side over for dinner and games. Before we started the party we had a little prayer service where we anointed dad and grandpa with the oil and touched their heads with the relic. We asked for the intercession of Saint Peregrine for healing. 

It was a beautiful moment and full of hope. 

Since the relic has entered our home I feel a lot of things have been coming together. We’ve had an influx of visitors and professionals come to help us take care of Dad. It’s amazing. 

We’re not done fighting.

St. Peregrine, Pray for us!

Who is your ‘go to’ Saint, or who on Earth do you ask to pray for you?

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