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today’s small thing: a gift from my neighbor

As Christmas draws near I’m becoming increasingly busy, and more stressed. It seems there is so much going on this week I can barely keep track of things. Also I am mentally and physically beginning to prepare for a two week trip back to KC.

And then we were out of milk. And the car had vapors of gas. And it was 9pm.

The ‘not it’ discussion between my husband and I went on for way too long and finally it was decided I would go get gas and milk.

Of course one can’t just buy milk, so I bought a bottle of moscato to help relax my crazy mind. The checkout lady at Walgreens probably wonders why I regularly come in to buy milk and wine.

Walking into my apartment I noticed the neighbor below was out with her dog and we started chatting. I told her I had to go get the essentials, milk and wine, and she asked me what kind. I told her moscato was the perfect blend of bubbly for easy drinking.

She ran back into her apartment and came back with a bottle of her favorite moscato.

“You have to try this one. Merry Christmas.”

She smiled and went back inside. She cheered me up without knowing I needed it.

Oh, what a good, good neighbor.

How has someone given you a gift you needed?

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