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small thing from last week: visits

One thing that has stuck out from my stay with my family has been all the visitors who have been coming to see my dad. 

It feels like almost every day we have at least one person stop by to say hi. Some are bringing meals, some are giving dad a handshake between business meetings, and some have a mission in mind.

The day after we returned from Arizona we got a visit from a neighbor and his ukulele  group. They played a wonderful set of songs for us intimately in our living room. All the players were filled with joy and you could feel it permeate the room with every note. One song in particular really touched all of us deeply. It’s called The Hymn Song and it is a must-hear song. 

It was perfect timing because we all were a little sad to have to leave Arizona, but it was a reminder that lots of great things can happen no matter where we are.

Yesterday we had another great visitor: the Chick-fil-A cow! A friend of the family brought a wonderful lunch for us and the cow came along. George was a little hesitant at first, but eventually warmed up and managed a smile. 


Having these visits to look forward to, and be surprised by, have made our days much happier. It has been so easy to be brought down by the weight of Dad’s cancer, or from all the things on the ‘to do’ list, or from feeling we can’t do it all. But the love we see from visitors wipes all that away, even just for a moment or two.

Have you visited someone lately? What’d you do together?


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