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so this is the new year

Hello lovely readers. Happy twenty sixteen.

I really enjoy the reflectiveness that a new year brings. Thinking about the past as well as looking toward the clean slate of the future. A priest in his homily on New Year’s Eve talked about the origin of the name January. It is thought to come from the Roman god Janus who was the god of beginnings and transitions. He was depicted as having two faces looking to the past and to the future. I can see how it would be a fitting reason to name our first month after him.

I think reflecting on the past and looking to the future are very important things to remember to do often. Because of our busy nature and ability to be distracted all day, being in silence with ourselves is a rare occurrence. This is unfortunate because some of the best moments for growth are when we are stuck with our own thoughts.

I’m glad there is a natural time for this at the end of a year–and I’m working to make it more of a monthly thing. My planner (PassionPlanner) has monthly reflections which have given me no excuse to look back each month on the good things that happened and the ways I can continue to improve myself for the next month. Life goes by so fast, so I’m working on making the best of it.

As for my own reflection as the new year begins, I’m mostly focused on the future. This year holds a lot of excitement for me and my family.

This will be the first year since 2010 that I will be living close to family. We moved back home to Kansas in November and will get to spend this year catching up with old friends and soaking up much needed family time. It will also prove even more helpful to be at home when we welcome a daughter in May!

I do hope this post inspires you to take some time with yourself to reflect on last year and what will happen in the coming months. Maybe even set some goals and focus on the good things from last year that can carry you into the new one.

So this is the new year…let’s make it a good one.

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