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pieces of joy in each day


Today’s small thing: two new Saints!

When I went to Italy in the summer of 2003, I had no idea what I would see. I went with my church choir from Kansas State University with very little knowledge of the Church and its history in Italy.

On one of the first days in Rome we attended an audience of the Pope.

My ticket to the audience

My ticket to the audience


I knew it was a big deal to be in the presence of this holy man, but I didn’t really know what I was in for.


As Pope John Paul II rode through the crowd in what has been named the Popemobile, I was overwhelmed with the love and support given to him from the crowd. His love for Jesus brought people from all over the world to see and hear encouragement from him. How cool is that?

And I was about 10 feet away from him.


Look at the joy on the faces of the people in the background. Saint John Paul II spread the joy of Jesus in his simple presence and how he lived his faith in guiding his flock.


And now that man is recognized as a holy Saint in Heaven, praying for all of us and helping to bring our requests to the heart of Jesus. I’ve been in the presence of a real Saint!

I just can’t help but think Dad was one of the first to congratulate him on officially becoming another wonderful example of holiness for the Church. I bet he gave him a firm handshake and a sideways smile.

I feel that Saint John Paul II has many qualities that we can strive for in our lives. Having another example of how to live a good holy life is truly a gift to be thankful for. It is also encouraging to know that you or I could become a Saint someday and be an example for others long after we leave this earth.

Saint John Paul II and Saint John XXIII, pray for us!

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